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"Alvin Donovan" Worldwide Traveler, Surfer, Yoga, Charitable Works

Alvin Donovan's Bio:

"Alvin Donovan" is a worldwide traveller and philanthropist.

He has run a Yoga Ashram, surfed all over the world, performs

charitable acts wherever he goes.

His two most important accomplishments in life are being happily married for over 30 years

and raising one of the best daughters in the world.

Alvin Donovan's Experience:

  • Alvin Donovan Surfing at Worldwide Surfing Alvin Donovan

    Alvin Donovan is currently surfing worldwide

  • Alvin Donovan Support Groups at Support Groups For Victims of Anonymous Internet Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Defamation

    Alvin Donovan helps corporate and individual victims of anonymous internet defamation, stalking and cyber bullying

  • Alvin Donovan charitable works at Charitable Works by Alvin Donovan`

Alvin Donovan's Education:

  • Hard Knocks

    Alvin Donovan Advanced Degree in Heavy Holdowns
    Concentration: Alvin Donovan concentrated on holding breath while maintaining relaxation
    Activities: While surfing big waves Alvin Donovan would take a deep breath and go very deep and watch the waves above him, glad to know he was safe

Alvin Donovan's Interests & Activities:

Surfing, Yoga, Charity, Swimming, Tennis, Seeking Growth and Knowledge and Making Friends in All PLaces

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